Volunteer Committees

If you are interested in volunteering for any committee to support our school please complete the volunteer sign up form. Following are the committees that still need additional volunteers. These committees for John Adams High School (JAHS) operate under the direction of the Board of Directors.

Marketing Committee

Goals: Increase our enrollment numbers. Get information to parent community, particularly to other K-8 charter schools. This includes fliers, social media, t-shirts, etc.

Grant Writing Comittee

Goals: Search for national and private grants that relate to curriculum and create the grants as a team.

Fundraising Committee

Goal: Develop programs that provide the community with opportunities to support the school financially. Research and compare with other schools successful fundraising programs.

Extracurricular Activities Committee

Goal:  Research and develop recommended extracurricular programs for JAHS.

Freshman/Sophomore Parent Committee
Nutrition Research Group

Want to help research and implement plans for offering nutritious, tasty food and snacks to our students and staff? Join this team.

Misc. Volunteering

Want to help out with activities that are not committee-specific, such as staffing parent meetings? Join this group. It’s a great way to learn about ways to earn hours towards your Founding Family Status.

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