Lottery & Enrollment Information

We will enroll Freshmen and Sophomores for our first year of school. Each year following, we will add a new Freshman Class and supplement students in older grades.


Here is a quick overview of the lottery and enrollment process:
The open enrollment period runs through November 2017. If you already submitted an Intent to Enroll for your incoming Freshman or Sophomore student, you are set for the lottery. If parents have NOT entered an Intent to Enroll yet for their student, they should do so through the following page:
John Adams High School Intent to Enroll Form

On Dec. 1, we will hold a randomized lottery and assign a number to each incoming freshman and sophomore on our Intent to Enroll list. The lottery will establish the order for filling openings for the next school year. We will send Invitations to Enroll to parents via email beginning Dec. 1.

Students of parents who fill out the Intent to Enroll form after November will be added to our enrollment wait list in the order in which they submit the Intent to Enroll form. We will continue to send enrollment invitations to parents via email as vacancies become available.

Upon receiving the enrollment invitation email, parents will have 48 hours to accept the enrollment offer via email and one week to submit the online Enrollment Acceptance Form. We will include links and instructions in the invitation email. You should receive a confirmation email to let you know we received your enrollment acceptance email.  If an offer is made on a Friday, email acceptance is required the following Monday.

A student who accepts enrollment will be deemed a currently enrolled student, and that student’s enrollment will continue beyond the current academic year, in accordance with the school’s policies and procedures. If no Enrollment Acceptance is received by the school via email within forty-eight hours from the time any applicant was extended an Invitation to Enroll, or an Enrollment Acceptance Form was not submitted to the school within the time allowed, the school will assume the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the student declined to enroll the applicant in the school, and the school may then extend an Invitation to Enroll to another applicant.

If you are a Founding Family, we will email you prior to the lottery to confirm your Founding Family status and student’s information. We will place your child on the enrollment list prior to the lottery, but you will still receive an email just as listed above and still need to accept the offer within 48 hours and complete the Enrollment Acceptance Form online within one week.

Thank you for your interest in John Adams High School, and please email with any questions or comments.

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