Frequently Asked Questions

Please see a list of commonly asked questions below or contact us for more information at Thank you for your interest in John Adams High School!
Why should I risk sending my incoming Freshman or Sophomore to a new, unproven school?

We may be a new school, but we are not recreating the wheel and we are following a proven philosophy.  John Adams is being designed after other successful charter high schools.  These schools include Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, Liberty Common High School in Fort Collins, and The Classical Academy in Colorado Springs. Also, we are also working closely with the Colorado League of Charter Schools, Douglas County School District, Colorado Department of Education, and a number of other educators.

Students at John Adams High School will be educated in a charter school environment that prioritizes academics and character. Our curriculum and culture is designed to equip your student for success in high school, college and beyond!

Through individualized college counseling and a wide array of Advanced Placement courses, John Adams High School students will attain their unique collegiate goals.  In addition to offering a full range of extracurricular activities, such as athletics and performing arts, students will benefit from required courses about essential life skills and character development.

We recognize that selecting a high school for your student is a huge decision.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns at

If John Adams High School doesn't offer the sport my student wants to play, can he or she play the sport at another high school?

Yes! For example, if JAHS doesn’t offer tennis, your student can join the tennis team for a high school that offers this sport, subject to any standard requirements of the school, such as tryouts.

I live outside of Douglas County, can my child enroll?

Yes.  Enrollment is open to all Colorado students.

Will John Adams High School require uniforms?

No. The Board of John Adams High School voted to have a “business casual” dress code rather than a uniform.  Essentially, jeans (without rips) will be allowed in addition to almost any shirt that includes a collar. Tennis shoes will also be allowed.  Following is the approved dress code policy:  JAHS Dress Code Policy 9_23_15

Will John Adams High School charge tuition?

No. Charter schools are public schools. They are funded by the state with your tax dollars and cannot charge tuition. Like neighborhood schools we will charge some fees for various supplies or extracurricular activities.

My child attends a charter middle school, will he be automatically enrolled?

No.  In order to qualify for upwards of $600,000 in federal start-up grant funds, we can only provide preferential enrollment for founding families.  Even though the grant program ends after three years, charter middle school students still may not be automatically enrolled if there are too many.  But a weighted lottery system may be available after the grant period ends.

How do I ensure enrollment for my kids?

Easy! Volunteer 50 hours toward the establishment of John Adams High School by May 2016 and your family will become a founding family, which provides prioritized enrollment.  This is limited to 20% of total families in order to qualify for federal grant money.  Visit the following page for more information on signing up to volunteer and logging your hours:

Will volunteer hours be required?

Yes, but we are still figuring out how many and such.  It will likely be less than most K-8 charter schools since the needs are fewer with high school students. Stay tuned.

How do I join the board of directors?

The board of directors will govern (but not run) the school as it moves forward.  We have a board of directors that includes individuals with diverse and practical backgrounds (lawyers, accountants, bankers, business owners, and stay-at-home moms) but are always seeking great candidates. The most important criteria is whether you are actively involved in a committee, you work as a team on the committee, and show that you are self motivated and work hard.  If interested, please send an email to describing why you want to be on the board and what you bring to the table; please include your resume.

What does it mean to be a highly qualified teacher?

The federal definition of a highly qualified teacher (HQT) is one who meets all of the following criteria: Holds at least a bachelor degree from a four-year institution. Fully certificated or licensed by the state. Demonstrates competence in each core academic subject area in which the teacher teaches.

Is JAHS a for profit charter school?

No.  John Adams High School is non-profit charter school.  The school will not be managed by a charter management company or an education management organization.  Instead, the school will be built by parents and governed by a board of directors.  The school has engaged a number of organizations to help with writing the charter application, reviewing the charter application, and the purchase of a facility.  But, to be clear, John Adams High School has no long term engagement with these groups and has only engaged these organizations for limited and specific projects.  The school is and always will be a non-profit organization and will always be managed by parents and school staff.

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