Academic Goals

Our school’s mission is to prepare our students for collegiate success. To this end, we have the following ambitious, yet attainable, goals for all John Adams High School students:

  • Gain acceptance into at least one, four-year college of their choice.
  • Meet regularly (monthly in the first two years; quarterly the last two years) with their college counselors to track their progress toward their individual collegiate goals.
  • Complete three Advanced Placement (AP) courses prior to graduation.*
  • Attend a life skills course where students will learn essential skills to attain ambitious educational and career goals while maintaining a healthy, balanced life style.
  • That John Adams High School will be a nationally ranked high school within five years.

We recognize that it will not be easy to realize these goals. But with planning, counseling, hard work, and motivated students, these can be accomplished. The instructional practices, curriculum framework, and school organizational structure at JAHS is focused on preparing students to take and pass AP courses in preparation for collegiate success.

To begin, initial non-AP classes will prepare students for the rigors of an AP course. And because of the rigor associated with AP course work and the preparation for AP course work, electives will provide students with stimulating educational opportunities but without the rigor so students can focus on AP courses or progressing toward AP courses.

Students will also be encouraged to attend a study hall where tutors and teachers will be available to students needing additional support. Moreover, students will also be encouraged to take one AP course in their junior year.

Year to year plans are currently being drawn up that track students from course to course toward completion of an AP course in the core subjects regardless of where they start.  For instance, if a student has completed Saxon math, an established plan will be in place to guide the student toward either AP calculus or AP statistics.  It is anticipated that students will take one AP course in three of the four core subjects: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  For more detail, see the course offering page.

Learn more about John Adams High School by viewing the following slide presentation:

JAHS Presentation-10-26-16

Here is our charter application: 2016 JAHS Charter Application pdf

*Students with ILPs, IEPs, and 504 plans will be accommodated and may be excepted.



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