Patriot Schools

Patriot Schools is a charter school start up organization.

Our goal is simple: help parents start quality charter schools and then get out of the way.
The idea for Patriot Schools germinated when parents from around the country approached Jason Sanders, the founder of Ben Franklin Academy, about helping them start charter schools.  Initially, such conversations led to the founding of Aspen View Academy in Castle Rock, Colorado.  From these small beginnings we wondered how we can help others.  Now we are currently establishing Parker Performing Arts School and John Adams High School. Patriot Schools is different than other charter management organizations that start up and run charter schools – we don’t run schools!  Instead, we help parents through the difficult start-up phase in five key areas that are often the most daunting for parents to tackle:

  1. Writing the charter application and preparing a school budget
  2. Marketing the school and building the first year enrollment
  3. Finding and financing a facility from which we will take a small fee for our services
  4. Organizing a board of directs that will govern the school
  5. Help the board of directors hire a principal to run the school

Once we have accomplished these tasks, Patriot Schools turns the charter school over to the Board of Directors to govern.  Then we will sit back and proudly watch the school accomplish great things!

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