Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Board meetings are open to the public and are conducted in compliance with Colorado Open Meetings Requirements.  All are welcome to attend.  The time and location of all Board meetings are posted on the agendas below.

The agenda will be strictly followed and the Board welcomes comments from members of the public during the public comment time set aside on the agenda on any topic. The Board may choose to respond to public comments during this open forum, but is not required to do so.

The Board will only take action on items listed on the agenda. For other matters, the Board will receive comments only, and may, at its discretion, refer the matter or calendar the issue for future discussion.


Archived Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes
9-28-2016 JAHS Board Agenda9-28-2016 JAHS Board Meeting Minutes
8-22-2016 JAHS Board agenda
2-10-2016 JAHS Board agenda
02-04-2016 JAHS Agenda
01-31-2016 JAHS Agenda
01-20-2016 JAHS Agenda
01-13-2016 JAHS Agenda01-13-2016 JAHS Minutes
01-06-2016 v2 JAHS Agenda01-06-2016 JAHS Minutes
12-03-2014 JAHS Minutes
01-07-2015 JAHS Minutes
01-21-2015 JAHS Minutes
02-04-2015 JAHS Minutes
02-18-2015 JAHS Minutes
02-25-2015 JAHS Minutes
03-18-2015 JAHS Minutes
03-31-2015 JAHS Minutes
04-15-2015 JAHS Minutes
04-22-2015 JAHS Minutes
04-27-2015 JAHS Minutes
04-29-2015 JAHS Minutes
5-13-15 JAHS Agenda05-13-2015 JAHS Minutes
5-27-15 JAHS Agenda05-27-2015 JAHS Minutes
6-17-15 JAHS Agenda
6-24-15 JAHS Agenda
7-1-15 JAHS Agenda07-01-2015 JAHS Minutes
7-8-15 JAHS Agenda07-08-2015 JAHS Minutes
7-22-15 JAHS Agenda07-22-2015 JAHS Minutes
7-29-15 JAHS Agenda
08-05-2015 JAHS Agenda08-05-2015 JAHS Minutes
08-12-2015 JAHS Minutes
8-19-15 JAHS Agenda08-19-2015 JAHS Minutes
09-02-2015 JAHS Agenda
09-09-2015 JAHS Agenda
09-16-2015 JAHS Agenda09-16-2015 JAHS Minutes
09-23-2015 JAHS Agenda
09-30-2015 JAHS Agenda09-30-2015 JAHS Minutes
10-14-2015 JAHS Minutes
10-21-2015 JAHS Minutes
10-26-2015 JAHS Minutes
10-28-2015 JAHS Agenda10-28-2015 JAHS Minutes
11-04-2015 JAHS Agenda
11-24-2015 JAHS Agenda
11-30-2015 JAHS Agenda
12-09-2015 JAHS Agenda12-16-2015 JAHS Minutes
12-23-2015 JAHS Agenda
12-30-2015 JAHS Agenda12-30-2015 JAHS Minutes
01-06-2016 v2 JAHS Agenda01-06-2016 JAHS Minutes
01-13-2016 JAHS Minutes
01-20-2016 JAHS Agenda
01-31-2016 JAHS Agenda
02-04-2016 JAHS Agenda

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