Board of Directors

The JAHS Board of Directors began governing in May of 2014.  It has and will continue to use Patriot Schools as advisors until the Board feels Patriot School’s services are no longer necessary.  The Board entered into an agreement with Patriot Schools, which is shown in Appendix M.  The independent members of the Board approved the agreement on August 20, 2014, as shown in the board meeting minutes attached as Appendix N, consistent with the Board’s conflict of interest policy.

The Board currently consists of seven members with diverse skillsets and backgrounds that provide the necessary experience to govern effectively.  The majority of the Board members are independent and not affiliated with Patriot Schools.  The independent Board members have work experience and advanced degrees in education, law, finance and business operations, and have experience with non-profit governance and volunteering with other charter schools.  The Board members affiliated with Patriot Schools will be replaced with other parent and community leaders with a variety of skill sets that ensure continued effective governance by the JAHS Board.  Most importantly, all current Board members are committed to the vision and mission of JAHS and have a proven track record of service.

The Board is actively recruiting Board candidates to eventually replace current Board members affiliated with Patriot Schools. Candidates are recruited through school committees, email communications to the parent community, via the JAHS Facebook page, and parent meetings.  Board candidates will initially perform tasks and co-chair committees crucial to the development of JAHS.  During this time period, Board candidates will be evaluated for their dedication to the mission and vision of the school, work ethic, personality, and ability to work within a group.

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