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We are currently enrolling students into our first Freshman and Sophomore class for the 2016-2017 school year.  Click here to fill out an Intent to Enroll form today! Click here for more enrollment information.

An approved Douglas County 9th through 12th grade charter school planning to open in Fall 2016. The school is being designed as a high school that will continue the excellent education received from area charter elementary and middle schools. The goal is to develop a school that will accommodate a large high school student body at full capacity and provide the full range of high school extracurricular activities. Check out our presentation here: JAHS Presentation 1.27.2015

Location Update!

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a Letter of Intent on a property that is located near South Chambers Road and E-470!  Check out the full parent letter about this news here.

John Adams

“There are two types of education … One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live.”

– John Adams

Building plan discussions underway!

Building plan discussions underway!

Great turnout at North Star Academy Info Meeting!

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JAHS in the News!

  • John Adams High School finds location
  • Two charter schools get district’s approval
  • County has five charter schools in the works

John Adam's History

10 Things You May Not Know About John Adams

“Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make a good use of it.”

John Adams

President of United States

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Dear Parents -

It's with heavy hearts that we write to let you know that John Adams High School will not open this fall. To make a successful free standing charter high school work we needed to start with a minimum of 250 students and grow from there. Unfortunately, we missed that mark. We know this news comes as a shock and great disappointment to many of you. As a Board we have thoughtfully pursued multiple options to avoid the situation, but we cannot overcome the enrollment numbers in the time we have left to do so and still be able to open in August. We are still intent on serving those in the community that want a Charter High School experience for their children. Those families are, and will continue to be, the reason we are not giving up entirely at this time.

We are now planning to open in the fall of 2017, and are working with the district and our building developer to make this happen. We are rolling our sleeves back up, and will renew our efforts with a strong marketing program, and more time get our facility in order to build a great school. Regardless of our efforts, however, this will not happen without at least 250 students ready for a challenge. We understand this is a tough ask at this time, but we cannot see this through without you. We don't anticipate too many problems opening next fall as long as we continue to have your support.

So why stick with us? It is not uncommon for charter schools to take some time to get moving. Charter high schools are particularly more difficult to open than a K-8 schools which is why they are not often attempted. None of the challenges we face are insurmountable. They just might take some time to work through. We acknowledge there will be changes through the evolution of JAHS but we remain dedicated to our mission and vision. We have nothing but optimism for what the next year will bring and ask you to stand by us as we move forward to 2017.

For those with incoming Freshman/Sophomores:
1. If you expressed an intent to enroll for your student at JAHS, your student did not lose their spot at their previous school or the neighborhood school. They are still enrolled where they were previously enrolled or where they would have been enrolled.
2. Open enrollment for the district reopens February 15. You are free to enroll your student in any district school that has openings.
3. If you are looking for a charter high school, we recommend you check out Skyview Academy. We understand they currently have some open spots for next year. While they have a different emphasis than JAHS, they do a fantastic job.
4. If you have any questions about the future of JAHS, please feel free to respond to this email or send an email to info@johnadamshs.org. You may also contact any of us.
5. If you have any questions about open enrollment or your student's enrollment status, please email our good friend Tom McMillan at the district - thomas.mcmillen@dcsdk12.org.

We cannot thank you enough for the support you have already shown and we will continue to provide you with more information in the near future.
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Carrie Knoles:/ Very sad news, but I thank the board for your hard work and dedication to John Adams. I'm confident that we can all work together to make it happen in 2017.2 days ago   ·  4
Tracy D. HughesVery sad news. John Adams, the lawyer and statesman, would know how to fall back and regroup. I am keeping the faith.2 days ago   ·  1
Teresa LazuranIs there any connection between this notice and the letter from Parker Performing Arts intent to open a high school in the same time frame?2 days ago   ·  1
Casey Dempsey WhiteThank you ladies for your support. You and your children are the reason we march on.2 days ago   ·  2
Lutheran High SchoolLutheran High School is still accepting applications at this time. www.LHSparker.org2 days ago   ·  2
Colorado Early Colleges ParkerColorado Early Colleges is also accepting applications at www.parker.coloradoearlycolleges.org2 days ago
Beth Ann Lynch-PrinceSpeechless.1 day ago
Amy Martin LieglVery disappointing that all of the kids that intended to go to JAHS this fall were not warned of this issue a little earlier. We as parents are now scrambling to find alternatives after many schools are full.1 day ago   ·  1

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Just a reminder that we have a parent meeting scheduled for tomorrow night at Ben Franklin Academy at 6:30pm. We are monitoring the weather as well, so if there is a snow day tomorrow, we will reschedule our meeting for another day. If the meeting is as scheduled, please remember that everyone is welcome to attend, even if your child doesn't attend BFA.
We hope to update you tomorrow with our building plans, principal search, extracurriculars and much more! So if you missed last week's meeting, this is a great time to get caught up on the progress of John Adams High School.
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Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting tonight at North Star Academy. We had a packed house full of parents that were excited to see our building plans, principal update, busing options and more!
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John Adams High School at North Star Academy.

Just a reminder that we have a Parent Meeting this Wednesday night at Northstar Academy at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. We will update everyone on our building, principal search and more. Please RSVP here in the comment section if you plan to attend!
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Carrie KnolesI'll be there!3 weeks ago
Jay Goodman-LevyBoth of my daughters got into the lottery, and now we've decided on different schools, how do I pull them so someone else can have those spots? Thanks!3 weeks ago
Jennifer Pinkston WithrowWe'll be there!2 weeks ago

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"I'm proud to be a founding family of John Adams High School. My daughter will be part of the first graduating class. It's exciting to be paving plans, policies and traditions for generations to come." - Annie Burt ... See MoreSee Less

John Adams High School added an Meeting to update parents on JAHS building plans, principal search, curriculum and more!.

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Meeting to update parents on JAHS building plans, principal search, curriculum and more!

January 27, 2016, 6:30pm

North Star Academy

Everyone is welcome to this event hosted by North Star Academy. This is a great opportunity to learn what JAHS has been working on over the past few months to get ready to open our doors this August. ...

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